The Facebook Fake

  I had what I’m sure everyone I know has. I had the picture perfect family.  Perfect alright……..on Facebook.  I was always checking in when I went somewhere with my yoga friends.  Taking kissing pictures with my husband.  Always uploading new pictures of my boys and our happy family.  Vacations, dinners, events, you name it, I posted it.  You would think I had the perfect marriage.  So the day my relationship status changed to separated my inbox flooded with questions. “Omg”, “what happened”, “are you ok”.  Yes I’m ok.  I just decided to stop pretending.  I want to be happy.  I mean really happy, not just on my profile.  I want to see the world with my eyes and not someone else’s photos.

   It’s so easy to live in this world where you can pretend that your problems don’t exist.  It’s like creating this image that you want your life to be for the world to see.  I can go back in my photos and remember arguments that happened right before I smiled for the camera and hit upload.  Only to go right back to that argument like I didn’t just pretend I was having an amazing day.  It’s so easy to get caught up in the world of Facebook.  Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing all of my friends and family. Especially the ones who don’t live close.  I just wonder how much of  what I am seeing is genuine?

  I became so good at faking it, I believed it was real.  For instance, the day Andrew graduated VPK.  That morning I found out my husband had an affair.  I spent the whole day in tears.  Cleaned myself up, got pretty and went to the ceremony as a family.  I smiled for the camera, uploaded pictures, and checked in as a proud mother would do.  My heart was broken, my world had fallen apart but on Facebook it was another perfect day in my seemingly perfect life.


One thought on “The Facebook Fake

  1. I was just having a similar convo with a group about alcohol consumption. Having been raised in a bar owned by my grandparents, we celebrated there, played there, and to some degree experienced our lives there. Yet I was encouraged not to share this truth with others because they might not understand. In other words, the good Christian community that was the other side of my world wouldn’t approve. Those who know me also know that I have a very narrow filter so I was often embarrassing my parents by bragging about the bar. Free pool and a jukebox plus all the soda, juice, and candy I wanted. To me, it was paradise. However, I learned another thing, alcohol is a mean mistress. Yet I’ve never lied about my use, my struggle. I’ve never hidden bottles or lied about my hangovers. That really hurts your relationships but it also narrows it down to those that keep it real. That’s why I applaud you. All that we really have is our truth, our reality. If we alter that for the sake of others then we have destroyed our chance at realizing our true path and our true nature. Thanks for keeping it real and sharing your pain. Namaste and blessings on your journey.

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